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Mobile Application Development and Consulting Services

iOS Application Development

iPhone application development

When iPhone came to the market, it completely revolutionized the mobile experience. With over 900, 000 apps and more than 45,000,000,000 downloads, iOS has proved to be a definite market leader, offering infinite development opportunities.

Our expertise in iPhone/iPod development includes a wide range of applications, including Mobile Payments, SMS Parking, Mobile Marketing, Shop Compass, and many others.

Sirma Mobile is also offering custom iPhone application development.

Windows Phone Apps Development

Windows Phone 8 application development

The compact Windows Phone is one of the most trusted mobile platforms, preferred by many enterprise users due to its high level of security, solid integration and ease of provisioning.

Our portfolio of Windows Phone apps includes an NFC writer, Public Transportation Guide, Employee Time Tracking, and others.

Sirma Mobile is also offering custom Windows Phone 8 application development.

Android Application Development

Android application development

Google's Android is the fastest growing mobile platform, holding over 53% of market share. Combining flexibility, open standards and offering high level of diversity and customization, Android allows the development of bespoke applications that other platforms can't accommodate.

Some of our Anroid applications include eBible, Mobile Payments and e-Commerce, Flight Radar, and many others.

Sirma Mobile is also offering custom Android application development.

bada application development

bada application develipment

Samsung's bada operating system has gained a lot of popularity and growing demand over the last couple of years. The system encompasses both high-end smartphones and lower-end feature phones, aiming to convert low featured phones to smartphones. Thus, bada is opening endless possibilities for conventional smartphones at reasonable prices, or a new and substantial smartphone market which is yet to be developed.

Sirma Mobile is also offering custom bada application development.



Blackberry OS is preferred by many enterprises due to its high levels of security, manageability and multitasking capabilities.

Enterprise application development for RIM is among our core capabilities.

Some of our solutions include CRM and VoIP implementation, as well as their integration.



Symbian S60 is the cornerstone of mobile development for Nokia handsets.

Native C++ development gives various opportunities to developers and some of our flagmen products are ported to the Symbian platform in order to fully utilize the power of mobile phones.

Applications such as BuddyFinder and Mobile Dating have Symbian versions.