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Mobile child care is just around the corner

Mobile Child Care As children start school and spending long hours away from home, equipping them with a mobile phone sounds like a reasonable idea. It is only natural that parents would like to stay updated, what, where, whom with and when the young ones are and do.

Until recently the only shortcut to those answers were mobile phones. Those are not design with kids on mind and therefore are not the perfect solution. High bills, uncontrolled communication, and a lack of certainty in the location of the child are unpleasant side effects, coming along with a mobile phone, introduced into a child’s young life.

Bipper Communications designed a mobile child care solution responding to what bought parents and children needs. It is a patchwork from, BipperSIM, BipperMobile, Sirma Mobile is proud to be the technology and development partner of this amazing platform.
Basically mobile child care is a solution aimed at parents with young kids, who would be happy to always know where the child is, control whom to and when it communicates and control the range of costs.

It is SIM-based technology and it copes flawless with any operator and communication plan. Trough the internet portal, parents are able to manage contact lists, time-frame of communication and are able to locate the young ones on Google maps.

This is the most advanced solution which enables parents to:

We realize you are interested when and how you could equip your household with it!
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