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MobileMonday Sofia

MobileMonday is the biggest global mobile community. It has been founded in Helsinki, Finland in the autumn 2000 and the most appropriate day for the event was a Monday. The organization was named after the week day of its foundation and after its core purpose: to gather mobile industry visionaries, developers and thought leaders and to encourage them to work side by side in order to bridge the gap between local and global mobile industries. Nowadays the organization is represented in more than 60 countries and Bulgaria is one of them.

The local representation is MobileMonday Sofia. The main event, which it organizes, is MoMo ant it is about to happen for second time around in early September 2009. The first MoMo was surprisingly successful and people from Mobile Monday Sofia are optimistic about this edition as well.

The event has an open forum format and everyone, interested in mobile industry, development of applications for mobile devises and etc is welcome. If an interesting, innovative and original idea, relevant to mobile industry world has occurred to you – MoMo is the place to present it.

Stay tuned for details about where and according to what criteria you could share your creative thoughts. Keep in mind that the best idea is going to be reworded with a great prize – Nokia 5800.