Sirma Mobile

A new software solution by Sirma Mobile for connecting teachers, school parents and students

A new software solution called Zvanche is connecting school parents with teachers and students at eleven Bulgarian schools. The tool has been developed by the software company Sirma Mobile, a part of Sirma Group, in partnership with Ministry of Education and Science. It is based on the company`s technology of sending mass massages that can be used successfully in a wide range of public and business spheres. Zvanche is designed to meet the needs of the schools and allowed an intelligently organization of the contacts according to specific cases, as well as it is easy to use from non-specialists.

“The investments in education are investments in the future of our society and I am certain that the creation of new and effective communicative network between teachers, students and school parents increasing the chances for our country to take its place in the forthcoming economy of knowledge. Over the last months our team has been working hard for the realization of this initiative and we are delighted that the platform has been accepted exceptionally positive by all participants in the educational process during the pilot projects”, said Sirma Mobile`s Manager Anton Gavrailov.

Zvanche is a web-based tool that delivers text messages to mobile phones and it is optimized for work within educational institutions. The system is assigned to meet the necessity for an intensive and qualitative interaction and facilitating the communication by notifications on such issues like events, emergency cases, absence of school, school grades, etc. Up to the moment there are over 17 000 registered recipients of messages and 448 users (teachers). Since the end of last year till now over 81 000 messages have been sent via Zvanche.

“When we decided to introduce the system we have been led by our necessity of a quick and reliable communication by accessible tool. Zvanche offers an easy and affordable interface and the teachers are working smoothly with it. At the same time, they are saving expenses, because they used to send messages from their personal mobile phones in such cases. The school parents are pleased to receive information about everything which is important in the school life of their children, directly on their mobile phones. The respect for students` rights required to discuss the individual problems in private and Zvanche helps us to arrange meetings with the school parents”, said Valentina Velkova, 32nd School`s assistant-director.

The project in the metropolitan school is realized for less than a week after collecting necessary database. With the decision tool the directors and class teachers are able to send text messages to all of 1850 students at 32nd School and their parents. Zvanche helps teachers to inform parents for the students` absence and problems, important events and emergency cases. The contacts are organized according to the school process and the messages could be send to groups of recipients, or a particular student and parent alike.