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iPhone - mobile social networking

iPhone Two years ago iPhone launched the market. A whole new chapter of the book of mobile technologies began. Since then Apple has sold a total of 30 million combined iPhones and iPod touches according to AdMob. Chubby Brain has declared that iPhone inspired a 2nd economy. That is an easy to prove declaration indeed: the number of applications for iPhone has rapidly increased from 500 to 50, 000. And it goes up at this very moment.

With the inclusion of GPS into iPhone 3G, location-based services are boosting up as we speak. If a user is familiar with the comfort, which driving with navigation system brings, he/she would definitely appreciate the concept of finding Points of interest nearby. Just asking "Where is the nearest…" and filling the blank with the desired word is enough to be navigated into great time, spend nearby.

Thanks to LBS apps for iPhone, communication literately changes shape and type - gets less verbal and more visual. Example: A person wants to locate friends. Before iPhone most likely would be to call, get connected and ask "Where are you now?". With an iPhone and the right application, all that effort is folded into a quick gaze at the map on its screen. Thanks to clever apps iPhone makes updating location, status, sharing files or links with friends in real time easy to do. Summarizing all the possibilities iPhone brings, there is one logical conclusion: it lifts up social networking on a mobile level.

At Sirma Mobile we know that implementing emerging technologies into everyday life will heighten up its quality. Driven by that idea we are constantly investing time and intelligence in developing new applications. In order to achieve great results we have our eyes peeled, our information updated and our innovative minds busy. We develop some of the best, making-life-better applications. Stay tuned, be informed.