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Location based messages: useful little things

LBM (location based messaging) are a new generation of mobile messaging, which enables a larger scope of circumstances to be predefined. In difference to traditional short message, where only content and recipient are sender-controlled, LBM works with predefined content, recipient, location and time-frame of delivery.

How is that useful?

Personal case: The user is busy person, who seems often to forget everyday things, because the mind is overloaded with tasks. LBM could be his/her "external memory". User sends a message to himself: "Stop by the supermarket. Get penne, pesto, cheese, tomatoes and red wine. Guests!" The user will receive the message, while he/she is in a predefined shopping area. Helpful, isn’t it?

Community case: There is going to be water pipe prophylactics in a certain area of a city, which is to influence the hot water delivery to the households in that geo-perimeter. Message, targeted towards users, who live in that area, would achieve two goals - personal delivery of information of what/when/way is going to happen and well managed publicity of situation.

Business case: A user owns Team – building company. A new client, demands a team-building event, called "Street safari". Game looks like this: Two teams are competing. Each receives instructions of what/where/when need to be done, as a certain predefined area of the city is penetrated. Speed is guaranteed, because teams know, that next step instructions are available only within a predefined time window. Thus, for a user, open to work with LBM apps, managing a "Street-safari" event is a piece of cake job.

These examples are just a quick gaze into LBM application possibilities. Some creative thinking and practical approach would enlarge the scope of use-cases enormously. Stay hooked with Sirma Mobile the best is yet to come!