Sirma Mobile

Location-based push advertising solution

Location-based push advertising solution, developed by Sirma Mobile, enables businesses to go outside the walls of limited store or office spaces and still be able to communicate personally with each and every customer. A restaurant, bookstore, hotel magnifies to the size of a neighborhood. Discount proposals, special offers and every other glimpse of creativity dedicated to wining mind & wallet-share reaches out and grabs attention. Ads find single individuals as they are in a convenient short distance from goods or services.

How is it working?

An advertisement system pushes advertisement data, without any user involvement, to his/her mobile terminal (phone, smart phone etc.). Customer receives advertisement info right after entering a predefined geo-perimeter, towards which the data is relevant.

Location-based push advertisement solution is a very smart platform. It defines the proximate location of a mobile phone and displays information about all events (entertainment possibilities, shopping discounts, free Wi-Fi zones and est.) relevant to that space at this time. Actually it answers a broader version of the question "Where am I now?" Alternatively it could answer the question "Where am I going to be?" If a person is looking for a low coast flight ticket to Rome, using a mobile phone to browse the net, advertisement info about hostel rates and locations in Rome would also appear. Quite useful, isna??t it?

Way to use location based push advertising solution, developed by Sirma Mobile?

To answer this question just pay some attentions on what people carry on them. Most likely almost every person would be tapping pockets, before leaving home, to check if money, keys and mobile phone are there.

Location-based push advertisement solution puts your ad on the screen of a mobile phone, which your customer puts in his pocket. So the real question here is: "Do you want to be in your customers pockets?"
If yes - feel free to ask for any further information.