Sirma Mobile

New Mobile App for Instant Payments On The Go


Sirma Mobile has developed an innovative mobile app for accepting instant payments on the go. PayMobilio is an application that can run on a mobile phone or a tablet using an additional reader, allowing users to accept payments wherever they are.

The app also allows for automatic VAT/tax calculation based on a country, which can be easily turned on/off.

Users simply need to swipe their card through the reader to process a payment. Verification is done either through entering a pin code or by a digital signature directly onto the smartphone or tablet.

Digital receipts can be sent by email or SMS.

PayMobilio is compatible with all major card types, including Visa, MasterCard, EuroCard, Diners, and others. It accepts any credit card payments, including swipe cards, chips cards, contactless cards, such as MC PayPass and Visa PayWave, etc.

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