Sirma Mobile

NFC world

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a wireless technology, which enables safe contactless communication between electronic devices. It happens simply by bringing two NFC compatible devices in a short (likely four centimeters) distance from one other. NFC technology has various applications: from contactless transactions trough ticket purchase to simple and fast transfers of data (calendar synchronization, access control etc).

The rich variety of machine and devices, which are likely to become NFC enabled, unlocks a logical and safe prediction: "In visible future everything will be within hand reach distance from everyone". In an NFC world mobile phones communicate with an ease with vending machines, parking meters, personal computers, posters, street signs, office, garage and house doors. Data is safely transferred between devices in an instant.

NFC Terminal NFC technology is on its way to send cash payments in the past. Very soon money will be transferred between user and retailer accounts in an instant and the only effort involved will be reaching out a hand, holding NFC enabled device towards a Sirma Mobile NFC terminal. Cash free payment will certainly become a customer preferred way of spending money because of its serious advantages: it is safe, easy, fast and convenient. Same adjectives describe every of the numerous applications of NFC.

Technologies make life easier. NFC makes it also better. Getting information, paying for goods and services, using the public transport, buying a ticket for flight or an event, even opening a garage door - all of that and much more will happen with one simple jester: reaching a hand out. Makes a person feel like a royalty, doesn't it?

Stay tuned for many exiting NFC applications, which Sirma Mobile has to offer, because we are dedicated to the mission of smartening up your life.