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The innovative application for e-commerce ScoreTwice, developed by Sirma Mobile, is a central topic in the new issue of Cards & Payment Intelligence, the first magazine on the iPad focusing on our industry.

The magazine provides insights and interesting articles, focusing on innovation, best practices and iPad related features, changing our life to better.

The first edition discusses the evolution of mobile payments, illustrating the role of mobile technologies, with particular focus on ScoreTwice.

ScoreTwice is an innovative platform of a new generation, bringing together e-commerce, mobile banking and mobile payments, and eliminating security concerns. The solution combines the traditional virtual shopping mall and a mobile app, available for iPhone and Android.

ScoreTwice allows consumers to securely shop and pay for products and services, pay for utility bills and monitor the status of their personal finances in one application. Payment on point of sale is also available.

The platform is proudly developed by Sirma Mobile, whose specialists created the original system, which is both highly secure and simple and easy to use. What’s unique about the system is that it does not use traditional bank security technologies that we are used to, but is based on a SIM card application, which is user friendly and yet very secure. The solution is universal and does not depend on the type of handset.

To learn more about ScoreTwice and read to whole magazine, please open the link below:

CPi Virtual Mall