Sirma Mobile

Sirma Mobile is Developing an App for a Virtual Live Casino

Virtual Live Casino

Our latest project involves the development of mobile application for iPad for virtual live betting. The application supports betting on roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Texas Hold’em poker. Rather than being computer-generated, the betting is broadcasted live via the so called online gaming tables. Thus, each player can start the application and play live at any time, being able to see the dealer on his monitor and communicate in real time.
The app also enables real time communication between the players. They can play with friends, share their results and keep active chat communication. Additionally, the players can select specific tables with people they know and form new tables with friends only (the so called Private tables).
The mobile app is also integrated with Facebook.
Currently, the virtual casino is intended solely for the US market, but is expected to be extended in European markets as well.