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Sirma Mobile partnering up with one2TOUCH!


Sirma Mobile has partnered up with the Norwegian tech innovator one2TOUCH, introducing the world’s first integrated NFC keyboard for smartphones. Based on the NFC technology, the wireless keyboards enable comfortable on-the-go typing for Android devices.

By simply placing your phone onto the keyboard, you can immediately start typing and enjoying a laptop-like experience. Whether you are typing notes, writing emails or just chatting with friends, the NFC keyboards make you both productive and efficient.

Besides from easy and convenient typing, the NFC keyboards can also be used as a protective cover for the screen and the phone itself. They come in different shapes and sizes, foldable to pocket size.

In addition to the standard NFC keyboards, one2TOUCH offers NFC driven mobile gaming consoles, providing high levels of speed and accuracy, accompanied with light and easy to use design.

To learn more about our NFC expertise, explore our Expertise page or contact us for more information.