Sirma Mobile

Sirma Mobile signed a partnership agreement with Motorola

Sirma Mobile, a Bulgarian company for mobile applications and technologies development has entered into a partnership agreement with Motorola Inc. The partnership agreement was signed on 01st of February 2010 and Sirma Mobile received the status of a Global Independent Software Provider. The objectives of this partnership, unique for Bulgaria and the region of South East Europe are to create solutions to enable independent SW developers to explore applications and services for the Motorola iSIM platform.

“This partnership is of great importance for Sirma Mobile. Motorola is not only one of the leading brands in the telecom industry. It is a company with a significant presence with more than 80 years of successful history of innovations like the first radio communications, first cellular communications network and nowadays plays a key role in the development of the telecom sector – specified the Director of Business Development at Sirma Mobile, Mr. Anton Gavrilov – “The partnership is even more valuable, because it is related to one of the most perspective fields such as developing solutions for Motorola iSIM platform.”

The iSIM platform as believed by many, has the potential to change the mobile telecommunications sector in the near future. It enables the interface of software applications on the subscriber’s SIM card. It will allow the subscribers of various mobile phones models to use new applications for mobile payments, parental control, mobile commerce, secure authorizations, business to business communication, transport services and etc. Sirma Mobile is developing a solution, which will facilitate the creation of iSIM applications from third parties allowing wider development community contribution to the iSIM technology market popularization. “We are very pleased, that our Team will have the chance to participate in such a revolutionary project, which we believe will soon significantly enhance the mobile phones capabilities and features”, added Mr. Gavrilov.

Sirma Mobile is already a development partner of Bipper Communications AS – one of the first and most successful applications for parental control based on iSIM platform. The parental control application is a web based interface allowing parents to control mobile phone use and location of their children. The platform is enabled through a miniature SIM card-sized device, installed in the mobile phone and a web interface for settings synchronization. Bipper Communications AS is an exciting example of future innovation and creativity, addressing large market demand. “The technology is unique for many European countries. It is a model of a technological partnership with a significant social impact.”, Mr. Gavrilov affirmed.