Sirma Mobile

Our Expertise

Location Based Services (LBS)


Sirma Mobile has extensive experience in developing a broad range of location based services. We help our customers from various verticals to deliver location based mobile solutions, creating value added mobile services.

LBS applications enable a wide variety of features, including location-specific content, resource tracking, targeted advertising, privacy and security control, and many others.

Most of our applications are based on our LBS platform (iParking, Flight Radar, SofSpirka, Where am I, and others).

Near Field Communication (NFC)


NFC-based services are the new wave of mobile innovation, providing advanced ways to improve businesses and get closer to customers. Easy to use, simple to deploy and always accessible, the mobile contactless technology offers completely new ways of handling daily operations.

Our NFC platform provides several solutions for NFC enabled devices, including ticketing, mobile payments, mobile authentication, and others.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing provides targeted, efficient, and cost effective ways to approach customers and keep your brand on top of their mind.

We have developed various of promotional apps for Philip Morris, integrated into their business model and used for launching new products.

Our solutions can help you to enhance your brand, build closer customer relationships and drive your business.

Proximity Marketing (Beacons)


The beacon technology is taking proximity marketing to the next level. Bluetooth Smart Beacons transmit data to mobile devices in a range of up to 70 meters and allow marketers to send targeted messages to customer smartphones as they approach a particular store or even a product.

The beacons also enable indoor navigation, automatic check-ins and contactless payments.



SIM card applications are the core of secure mobile services. Our expertise in this area includes partnership major card vendors across the globe and covers several of our applications.

Sirma Mobile's SIM solutions include platforms for dynamic updating, support for UICC cards, GPRS/SMS communication, and support for A-GPS SIM cards. Several of our applications, such as our Payment system, have a STK version.



Sirma Mobile's expertise in Java ME includes developing enterprise applications, LBS applications, GPS devices, Bluetooth communication, GPRS/SMS, as well as rich UI based on our UI framework.

The framework supports numerous animation effects and graphics for stunning mobile experience. It is suitable for various phones and screen resolutions, and provides ubiquitous API for mobile application development.

Most of our applications, including Mobile Advertiser, BuddyFinder, and Mobile Dating, have mobile Java versions.