Sirma Mobile

Mobile Payments and Banking

Sirma Mobile’s technical team has accumulated experience in building various mobile payment and banking solutions. We bring together mobile security, convenience and advanced technology to create new generation mobile payments.

Our mobile payment solutions create better user experience and bring businesses closer to customers, capitalizing the growth of e-commerce and NFC.

Mobile Wallet and Mobile Commerce are a central part of our application portfolio. Our mobile payment solutions can be readily customized for our clients to meet specific business objectives, operational requirements and customer needs.

Mobile Wallet

Our leading mobile wallet solution is a superior mobile service, enabling faster and smarter shopping experience. It allows customers to make money transfers, pay utility bills, pay in stores and make online payments using their mobile phones.

The service has the highest level of security in regards of managing bank accounts from a mobile phone- encrypted communications, protection through electronic signature and PIN confirmation for each transaction. It is provided through a mobile application installed in a SIM card.

The mobile wallet solution is universal and works both on smartphones and conventional feature phones. It can be used in a number of trading centers – stores, restaurants, bookstores, pharmacies, health and sport centers, and many others.

Mobile Commerce

Sirma Mobile’s top e-Commerce solution is a cutting-edge software platform, developed to boost mobile payments and enhance banking services. The service is tiered on three levels to meet multiple business needs and specifications.

Branchless servicing is the entry level in the development of mobile channel for delivery of financial services to mobile customers. The mobile payment service is facilitated through the innovative use of pro-active and efficient agents, which supports the vendors as a flexible network for service delivery.

The second level, Mobile Money, upgrades the Branchless Financial Servicing solution by enabling customers to perform payment transactions to various types of merchants and public institutions.

The highest level is represented by a Mobile Wallet, which is applicable for a mature stage of development of mobile payments market. The solution is based on a SIM card application with a simple user-friendly menu and highest level of underlying security.

Despite its system control, however, it allows flexible separation of values between service providers offering the service to merchants and consumers.

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