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Financial Times launched HTML5 mobile app

June 16, 2011

The leading business publisher Financial Times (FT) announced HTML5 version of its mobile app. It can be accessed directly at and will be able to replicate the features of its mobile apps within a standard smartphone browser, according to company press release.

The new app will facilitate FT users to see new changes and features immediately staying always on the latest version. Moveover, developing multiple native apps for various products is logistically and financially unmanageable while by having one core codebase, the media company can roll the FT app onto multiple platforms at once.

"We believe that in many cases, native apps are simply a bridging solution while web technologies catch up and are able to provide the rich user experience demanded on new platforms. As these improve we expect to see more HTML5 apps and fewer native apps, but there is always likely to be a market for native apps for specific brands or when deeper integration with the hardware or super fast performance are required (games are the most obvious example)" - representatives of Financial Times said.