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The Smartphone Industry In 2013 - Market Share, Innovations And Predictions


In recent years, smartphones have become an inseparable part of our everyday life. Unsurprisingly, the smartphone industry is expected to expand even further in 2013. According to the consulting leader Deloitte, global smartphone shipments will exceed 1 billion units in the imminent year.

The main struggle remains between the two electronic giants Apple and Samsung, while the former leader BlackBerry is getting more unpopular, with over 33% decrease in market share in 2012. The first position is still held by Samsung, who sold a total of 385 million phones in 2012, 53.5% of which were smartphones. The second place belongs to Apple, with 130 million smartphone sales.

So much for the statistics. Now let’s look at the most interesting developments which are expected to occur in the smartphone industry in 2013.

Brand Wars Will Intensify, Leading To More Innovation

Undoubtedly, the struggle for dominance in the smartphone market is severe. And while Apple played the traditional way with the new features on iPhone5, Samsung decided to revolutionize by equipping Galaxy S III with a huge 4.8 inch display, near field communication technology (NFC), a burst-shooting camera and a voice-enabled assistant similar to the iPhone’s Siri.

There are already rumors that Apple will strive back, releasing the next iPhone6, which runs iOS7.

So who is going to win?

It seems the question is not that simple. Besides from new devices released by Nokia, HTC and Motorola, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 are expected to be launched as well in the next couple of months.

Flexible Smartphones?

flexible phone

Have you imagined having a flexible smartphone? Lighter, more durable and with bendable screen?

Samsung is already thinking in this direction. However, he is far not the only one planning to surprise its customers with bendable screen phone. At the Nokia World in London in 2011, Nokia demonstrated a phone which not only bends but is also controlled by bending.

It seems that whoever manages to be first in this competition, will be the next hit of the year.

Smartphones Getting Cheaper

Do you remember a few years ago when the first mobile phones and DVD players could be found mainly at medium to high income families? Nowadays all this has changed and such technology is much more affordable.

The same applies to smartphones. As more and more people start using them, and competition becomes more and more intensified, prices are expected to get lower, making the segment even more attractive than it currently is.

Smartphones Are Expected To Completely Replace The Use of Computers At Home

This trend has already been observed lately, but will be even more notable this year. The main reason for this is mobile technology has become so advanced that there are not many things which a computer can do while a smartphone can’t.

In addition, smartphones are often cheaper, smaller and more personal, which makes them the preferred device for many of us.

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