Sirma Mobile

M-Tel Contact

M-Tel CONTACT is a free phone directory which provides you with up-to-date phone contacts for Bulgarian companies and individuals. It is available as a free Android application, designed to find any mobile or landline phone with ease, included in the M-Tel contacts and Golden Pages directories. Whatever contacts you need, you get in on your peace – at home, on the go, while you are driving, waiting or queuing.

The app provides you with basic phone number and location map information. You can easily find the contact address and plan your route toward the location. In case of emergency you can find the nearest hospital or police station. If you are new in the town you can find all local services providers from our list, classified by the type of business, venue or institution. You can match the exact name from the directory while select a contact.

Keep your personal contact list nice and ordered, free from entries you occasionally call

If you rarely use a particular service or need just to make a single call your M-Tel CONTACT app will do it for you right from the first call because all contacts are regularly updated. The app solves the problem to save the information you do not use every day but rely on, in case the company, institution or individual have already changed their numbers or venues.

Share the contact with a friend

M-Tel CONTACT enables you to add or share the contact you found with a friend, as well as to make a call directly from M-Tel CONTACT directory list (click-to-call). Share the contact you have found with one or multiple recipients via mail, Bluetooth, Facebook, Skype or text message. Keep in touch with all your friends if you lost their contacts for some reasons. The location service will help you to find them. Combine local, mobile and social content to find the contact you need, solve any problem that emerges or communicate directly with companies and national or local institutions.

Sirma Mobile serves as M-Tel CONTACT’s technology and development partner. The company successfully extends the M-Tel application range, offering valued added service with localized content to end users not only of MTel, but any other operator too – M-Tel CONTACT is available for free at the Android Marketplace.