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ScoreTwice mobile payment solution

ScoreTwice is a cutting-edge software platform developed to boost your mobile payments and enhance banking services. It utilizes the advantages of global penetration of mobile infrastructure and commoditization of the services that enable to launch a new dimension of customer service and consumer experience. The service is accessible by any modern mobile handset, used in the role of a portable electronic terminal that provides a range of opportunities to reach customers in a cost-effective and user-friendly way.

How it works

ScoreTwice platform is tiered on three levels in order to meet your business model needs.

Branchless servicing is the entry level in the development of mobile channel for delivery of financial services to mobile customers. The mobile payment service is facilitated through the innovative use of pro-active and efficient agents, which support the vendors as a flexible network for service delivery. The solution does not require integration and complex negotiations with mobile network carriers. The mobile approach allows effective interaction to both banked and unbanked customers through direct efforts of sale agents.

Mobile Money solution upgrades the Branchless Financial Servicing solution by enabling the mobile customer to perform payment transactions at various types of merchants by only using his mobile phone as a payment tool. As a second phase of mobile payment development strategy, it allows introduction of mobile payments to various types of merchants and public institutions.

The highest level is presented by Mobile Wallet, which is applicable for a mature stage of development of mobile payments market. The solution is based on a SIM card application with a simple user-friendly menu and highest level of underlying security. Every transaction is confirmed with a PIN code and a digital certificate. The solution is universal and does not depend on the type of handset. It allows the user to perform some essential services as balance checks, money transfers, and all kinds of mobile transactions, as well as mobile commerce ordering and payment.

The solution allows establishment of an open collaborative business model with participation of different players including multiple banks, mobile operators and merchants. The Mobile Wallet model allows the transformation of the payment institution into a national or regional payment system of participants. As an open system, it can exist under the control of a strategic market player or as a shared system of the members. Despite the system control, it allows flexible separation of the values among the service providers offering the service to merchants and consumers.

Sirma Mobile develops advanced software solutions which empower your mobile payments and banking platform. Our established experts successfully develop and integrate any type of large scale software projects that meet the highest corporate requirements and standards.