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Vasko@40 is the enriched autobiography of the Bulgarian violinist Vasko Vasilev.

The mobile book in an enriched version of the printed copy and allows the readers to hear Vasko’s voice as he narrates his own story in an engaging and appealing manner. It also includes videos, photos and music performed by the legendary violin player.

The book was “recorded” in London over 10 days in March 2013. It is in the form a long and very sincere interview and describes the most memorable events throughout the 40 years of his life – his childhood, the friends from Sofia’s neighbourhood Lulin, the theft from the supermarket, the present from the famous communist leader Todor Zhivkov, the secret escapes from his home, the fight for survival on Russian stations with just a few kopecks in his pocket.

Vasko@40 is about his days in Bulgaria, Russia, United Kingdom, Spain, China, and Japan – just a few of the numerous places Vasko has left his mark on. And vice versa.

It is also about the family, teachers, love, the favourite violin, the meetings with Sting, Placido Domingo, Madonna, and Michael Jackson.

The book also focuses on Vasko’s passion for travelling and everything else he has touched.

Readers can choose to read and/or listen to Vasko’s book while looking at his greatest life moments and watch the best video selections from his concerts and documentaries.

The application has been developed in XCode, using the native Objective-C language, JavaScript, and HTML. It also uses the In-App Purchase system.

Vasko@40 is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It consists of 30 chapters and is available in both English and Bulgarian.

The first three chapters of Vasko’s book can be downloaded for free, while the whole book is available at the price of $0.99.

To download Vasko@40, please visit iTunes.