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Workforce Management

Mobile Workforce Management

Tiimz is a Mobile Workforce Management Platform, focused precisely on managing field resources with multiple kinds of generic mobile devices – from low-end cheap mobile phones to comprehensive smart phones with extensive capabilities.

Tiimz helps businesses to effectively manage field resources, reduce operating costs and increase overall productivity.

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Mobile Parental Control

Mobile Parental Control

Bipper is a new mobile parental control platform for kids' mobile phones created by a mother of three.

Bipper puts parents in the driver’s seat when it comes to kids mobile usage by allowing parents to decide how kids use their mobile phones – some control, lot’s of safety!

Bipper's 3 main Services include Usage Control, Safety and Localization.

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Employee Time and Attendance

Employee Time and Attendance

mTimeCard (mobile timecard) is a mobile service that lets SMBs easily monitor employee time and attendance.

It is specifically designed to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses, especially those involving mobile workers and workers paid on a flat rate basis.

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Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments

In the last couple of years, mobile payments have redefined commerce.

Combining the most recent technologies from mobile phones and e-commerce, Sirma Mobile has gathered significant experience in developing mobile payment systems.

Our mobile payment solutions allow customers to make money transfers, pay utility bills, make online payments and even pay in stores.

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