Sirma Mobile

Custom bada Application Development and Consulting


bada is a mobile operating system developed by Samsung Electronics. It is designed to cover both high-end smartphones and lower-end feature phones. Samsung intends that bada will rapidly replace its proprietary feature phone platform, converting feature phones to smartphones. The name 'bada' is derived from the Korean word for 'ocean'.

Samsung Apps makes your bada application easy to distribute

Samsung Apps is a marketplace designed to provide a variety of mobile applications, specifically developed and selected for Samsung bada phones. Samsung Apps allow end users to simply and easily download a wide range of applications directly to their mobile phone.

Application Development


We can build customized bada applications to meet your specific requirements and business scale.

Sirma Mobile has a team of highly experienced bada developers, specialized in building various types of bada applications - from enterprise solutions to apps for private use or "just for fun".

Our team has been developing bada applications since day one the Software Developers Toolkit (SDK) became available.

This experience means we are capable of building fully featured bada solutions, utilizing Bluetooth, SMS and MMS, GPRS, Near Field Communication (NFC), and other innovative mobile technologies into our apps.

At Sirma Mobile we keep up to date with the latest trends in bada application development. That is why we have a clear vision of bada's development environment and we can deliver the highest quality apps within short time frames.

Porting Existing Applications to bada

Sirma Mobile offers you to port/build your desktop or mobile application to Samsung bada by keeping as much as possible from the current layout, and combining it with native bada UI components.