Sirma Mobile

Party buzzer - on the crest of the fun wave

Location Based services for mobile devices are boosting up as we speak, making life of users easier, smarter, better and soon even funnier.

Party buzzer, developed by SirmaMobile is a Location Based Entertainment Searching application, which enables users to surf on crest of the fun wave. Using Party Buzzer means being top informed about party and fun options in the area of current physical presence. Subscribers predefine party – interests: artists, style and type of performances. The created profile is the strainer trough which the party-buzzing is individualized.

Use cases of Party buzzer are various. Here are few:

Party buzzer Let’s say, a young man-surfer makes a trip around the Balkans and is heading towards Bourgas, where Jack Johnson is going to perform the same night – an event the user has no clue about. Few second after he has physically entered Bourgas, he gets a party-buzz, informing him that there is a great party-option tonight.

A couple has its summer – holidays in Rodopa Mountain. There is a jazz fest near Smolian in the night of their arrival in the town. The Party buzzer is going to let them know about the happening, so they could have a choice to join or not.

With a bit of adventurous spirit and some creativity, Party buzzer could become a tour guide for Party vacation. The subscriber just has to have his/her mobile device on and enough energy to move from place to place and join the events he/she is buzzed for.

Sounds like lots of fun, doesn’t it?