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Mobile apps make public transport user friendly

Living in a big city has lots of advantages: business, carrier, lifestyle and entertainment opportunities are some of the things, which make the glass half full here. This are the reasons way lots of people make the choice to inhabit it. In the city jungle some of the most important things are to be on time and to get your space -bearings as fast as possible. Public transport should be a helper, but all those stops, bus numbers, combinations between them could be confusing and if a person is in unknown neighborhood the location of the nearest stop is also news.

What about if your mobile phone could just give you all of that information?

Nowadays there are various applications, dedicated to make the usage of public transport easier, faster and cleverer. Some of the apps are based on LBS (Location Based Services).
An example is “From Here”. Start point for the logic of development of this application is that most of us normally would go to the same places- work; home of friends; favorite bars, dining places, clubs. So what the app does is to steer the user out from the current location, to one of those predefined places, giving the shortest, most convenient and fast way to get there.

An example for NFC based application is KAMO: acronym from the Finnish translation for The Mobile Guide for City Travelers, developed by VTT. The service is based on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Once loaded into the mobile phone, KAMO can be accessed using the phone’s menu. It offers stop-specific timetable information which enables journey planning. Users can follow their route stop by stop during the trip and select an alarm to remind them to get off if the trip is long and they are planning to daydream or take a nap. Paying the fare trough the application is also an option.

These are only two examples of how different technologies could make public transport user friendly.

Recently, here in Sofia, Momchil Karabulev won a prize on MoMo, thanks to his idea how to relieve transportation problems and estimate the usage of public transport in Sofia by mobile services. Who knows – next prize winner could be you, next idea implemented into reality- yours. This means you could literally change the world. Sirma Mobile is here to help.

Stay tuned.