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Buddifinder now ported to STK to AGPS sim card

Buddifinder our social compass platform has been released in beta version for final testing before announcing it on World GSM Congress in Barcelona.

Buddifinder it a platform allowing subscribers to locate their friends, stay connected and explore local restorants and other points of interest. It was originally developed for JMEE has been now ported to STK. As man can imagine, the Java allows more interactions, provides more usability and least but not last - it allows nice, shiny graphical look and feel of the application.

What we did is we actually rewritten the whole code and adapted the logic into a much lighter version of the application for STK (simtoolkit). It was a challanging adventure being restricted by a with long list of technology limitations. The result is more than satisfying.

Few words about the amazing AGPS SIM card developed by BlueSky Positioning ( Yes it is a GPS and a SIM card combined into one device in the shape factor of a regular SIM card. They did amazing R&D job for integrating such complex technologies into so small place.

In result we have a technology to enable any operator and any phone to utilize the location based service Buddifinder with an amazing accuracy that GPS can bring.