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Texthopper school edition launch

Texthopper is a web based group messaging productivity tool, developed by Sirma mobile. Initially we were looking for a solution, which had to be in favor of the communication between schools, students and parents. We figured this is important for the positive society environment we all inhabit and decided to contribute the best way we can.

Within time Texthopper possibilities inspired us to develop a platform, successfully applicable for a variety of use cases. However, we didn’t lose our focus on Texthopper School Edition.
Texthopper School Edition enables the opening of a new communication channel between teachers, student and parents. Notifications about school events and meetings, emergency situations, test evaluations and all else, concerning the process of effective education, are easy to be broadcasted.

Working with Texthopper school edition means to be able to:
• Broadcasttext messages fast
• Organize contacts clever
• Focus your campaigns: target the recipients precisely
• Get everything done in few clicks

On 6th of November the school edition of the web based group messaging productivity tool was presented on a Bulgarian national educational conference. More than 100 schools were introduced to the possibilities of the communication solution. Many of them got inspired with the option to communicate more efficiently with students and parents and decided to implement the pilot version of Texthopper School Edition.
The pilot of Texthopper School edition is already a fact. One of the biggest schools in Sofia has the possibility to communicate with its more than 1600 students and their parents with the efforts of few clicks.

We, at Sirma Mobile, are confident, that Texthopper school edition is applicable for all types of educational institutions – from kindergartens, trough high schools to collages, professional institutes and universities.