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iSIM Communication Platform - slimsim application development

iSIM Communication Platform

iSIM communication platform

The Sirma Mobile's communication platform provide complete solution for developing mobile services based on Motorola's iSIM technology by taking burden to adhere to cryptic GSM standards and allowing developers to focus on service they want to provide.

Over The Air (OTA) updates

Automatic update of iSIM applications without user interaction. Update process is compliant with GSM 03.48 and Global Platform standard and can be used on any SIM card.

Provisioning and versioning

Communication platform keeps track on every iSIM along with all applications and services installed on it. Updating given application on one or several iSIM is just one click away from you.

Secure messaging

Platform establishes secure channel for communication between service provider's backend and iSIM applications. Security is based on industry strength proven GSM 03.48 standard.


General Application Categories:

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