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Baseline standards for mobile applications privacy, needed

June 16, 2011

A public debate about the protection of consumers privacy in the development of mobile applications is about to start after Pat Walshe, director of Privacy at the GSMA organization stated that the mobile app developers have to agree on “baseline standards” in this area. “When users feel their privacy is respected and protected, they are most likely to engage with an app. We need to help app developers understand why privacy matters and the basics of what needs to be done,” he said in an interview for Mobile Apps Briefing.

The also expert emphasize GSMA's role “... as facilitating dialogue and working with key stakeholders in the interests of establishing best practice and strengthening the confidence and trust of consumers. If app privacy concerns continue to increase then confidence and trust will decrease and do little to drive the app economy and the innovation that provides such rich and wonderful experiences we currently enjoy.”